Enjoy VIP and high roller perks at BC.GAME

Are you prepared to experience an elevated way of playing and rake in big rewards? With BC.GAME's online casino VIP programme, you can become a highly valued and handsomely rewarded member by betting and being active on the platform.

BC.GAME’s VIP experience includes special prizes such as coin drops, casino hosts and secret treasures. The prizes only get better the more you play, so what are you waiting for? Start your VIP journey with BC.GAME today!

What is a VIP casino?

VIP casinos are high-end establishments where loyal players and high rollers frequently play. These casinos offer loyalty programmes where users get special promotional offers and bonuses according to their loyalty rank. 

Typically, these loyalty and VIP programs are based on a point system, where players get better perks the more points they earn. Additionally, they can also advance through the levels and tiers quickly if they keep betting and playing various games. 

How to become a BC.GAME casino VIP

You can easily join BC.GAME’s casino VIP. Once you make an account, you’re automatically enrolled into the program. In addition to the wagering requirements, automatic entry is part of the terms and conditions that players should read and understand carefully.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to become a BC.GAME VIP:

Click the sign-up button to become a registered player.

Deposit funds into your account and start betting. One dollar equals one experience point, which will increase your VIP level.

You'll receive more benefits and incentives as you move through the tiers. Every day, players receive one free spin while other rewards like JB coins, free bets, and other items are up for grabs.

BC.GAME casino and VIP club membership

As a premier crypto casino, BC.GAME's VIP programme rewards its loyal and frequent betting clients. The more experience points a player gets, the higher the tier and the better the rewards. Getting into a higher VIP tier grants players invitations to exclusive parties, holidays, and accommodations fit for high-rollers. 

BC.GAME VIP level system

Whether you’re a high-roller or not, BC.GAME’s VIP level system has many perks for you as you go up the ranks, like secret treasures, coin drops and monthly bonuses. For this reward system, a standard wager worth 1 USD equals 1XP, while a 1 USD sports wager is worth 2XP.

Learn more about the perks associated with each level in the table below:

VIP Level System
Bonuses & Perks
🗿 Bronze Card
The bronze card includes VIP levels 1 to 7. Players need 5,000 points to reach the silver card level.
Level-up bonus, secret treasure, rain, and coin drops.
⚜️ Silver Card
The silver card includes VIP levels 8 to 21. Players need 49,000 points to reach the gold card level.
Level-up bonus, secret treasure, rain, coin drops, private chat, and tips.
🔸 Gold Card
The gold card includes VIP levels 22 to 37. Players need 32,100 points to reach the platinum card level.
Level-up bonus, secret treasure, rain, coin drops, private chat, tips, recharge, weekly bonus, monthly bonus, and weekly sports bonus.
💍 Platinum Card
The platinum card includes VIP levels 38 to 69. Players need 9,217,000 points to reach the Diamond card level, also known as the SVIP level.
Level-up bonus, secret treasure, rain, coin drops, private chat, tips, recharge, weekly bonus, monthly bonus, weekly sports bonus, VIP host, and no-fee withdrawal.
💎 Diamond Card
The diamond card level is the highest tier in the BC.GAME
Level-up bonus, secret treasure, rain, coin drops, private chat,
VIP level system. Levels for this card range from 1 to 55.
tips, recharge, weekly bonus, monthly bonus, weekly sports bonus, VIP host, no-fee withdrawal, exclusive SVIP perks, and luxury giveaways.
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BC.GAME casino VIP benefits

VIP high-rollers get access to many privileges and awards from BC.GAME. Learn more about the added VIP and SVIP benefits below:

BC.GAME exclusive VIP and SVIP benefits

Unique VIP Transfer Program - Players seamlessly transition between other VIP online casinos while retaining their VIP status.

Exclusive VIP Host  - VIPs can choose to be assigned a VIP host to answer queries and assist them with games.

The SVIP Code - These are obtained from VIP hosts and have exclusive prizes in them.

Secret Treasure - Secret Treasure can have a variety of surprise bonuses attached to it.

Free Coins Everyday - VIPs and SVIPs get increasing percentage boosts for free coins.

SVIPs Genie in a Bottle - SVIP and VIP members can think of their managers as genies as they’ll be able to provide more benefits like comps.

SVIP Trip - In this perk, you can get the best all-expense-paid holiday to exotic places worldwide, courtesy of BC.GAME

SVIP Life is Suite - Enjoy a one-week stay as a celebrity in some of the world’s best hotels and suites.

SVIP Party - An exclusive party full of SVIPs is held annually to celebrate fellow SVIPs such as yourself. Immerse yourself in a night of drinking and fun when you party with us!

BC.GAME master medal rewards

Continuously using BC.GAME services increases your VIP positioning and rewards. One perk you can claim is the master medal rewards that allow you to choose which level-up bonus games to participate in.

There are 21 categories that grant players medals by completing certain tasks. As players advance and get more medals, their rating and BCD rewards also increase. Also known as BC Dollar, BCD is BC.GAME’s on-site currency is equal to $1. It can be used on many of the site’s betting and service features.

Here are the number of medals and their corresponding rewards:

5 medals = 20 BCD

10 medals = 800 BCD

15 medals = 2,400 BCD

20 medals = 10,000 BCD.

Fast & Easy Way to get started
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Here are some of the medals you can acquire for bigger rewards:

Talkative - Chat in any chat room for 200 days

The Old Timer  - Gain the highest wallet balance recorded in BC.GAME

Chicken Dinner - Players must get a total profit of $10,000 from any BC.GAME casino or sports betting activity.

Top Gun - Achieve this medal by joining the ranks of the highest VIP levels.

Invincible Lucky dog - Win big and Get 99,000 times (or higher) payouts for any game.

Rain Master - Players get this medal by experiencing the rain feature randomly on BC.GAME.

BC.GAME VIP and SVIP rights and perks

Becoming a BC.GAME VIP and SVIP is an exciting experience since you’ll be rewarded with  additional perks and privileges attached to it. Reach the highest VIP levels and receive advantages that lower tiers might not have.

Keep reading for a list of rights based on the levels:

VIP & SVIP Rights
VIP & SVIP Level
Roll Competition
Level 03
The top 10 in the roll competition get to win free DOGE once a day.
Level 04
If you’re feeling generous, consider tipping someone and making their day.
Secret Treasure
Level 04
Secret treasures can be sent to friends and filled with bonuses.
Private Chat
Level 04
Keep in touch with friends on the platform using the private chat feature.
Level 04
Make it rain! This feature rewards many active players in the chat rooms every 6 hours.
Level 07
Grab a few extra coins here and there with coindrops. These appear in the chatrooms, so keep your eyes peeled.
Send images in chat
Level 08
Don’t let yourself be confined to simple texts! Send images in the chatrooms.
Where is COCO Bonus
Level 14
COCO is BC.GAME’s expressive and mischievous mascot. COCO appears randomly throughout the site every 6 hours for 10 minutes and, once found, can grant players rewards.
Level 14
Players can get up to 20% cash back on house commissions per bet, regardless of the results.
RB Booster
Level 14
Keep the rakeback high with RB boosters. This increases the percentage by 5% for 1 hour.
No-fee Withdrawals
Level 22
Cash in those big rewards from BC.GAME with no withdrawals. Exchange JB to withdraw with no fees every day.
Level 22
The recharge feature can be collected hourly, daily or every 10 minutes if you’re eligible for the Flash Charge.

Rack up rewards with VIP BC.GAME casino games 

BC.GAME is home to many types of casino games. Whether you prefer exciting table games, immersive live dealer games, or a simple game of VIP slots games, BC.GAME has it all for you. Look through our recommended games for VIPs today:

BC.GAME VIP slots games


Sugar Rush

Spin the reels of Sugar Rush by Pragmatic Play at an RTP of 96.5% to feel the sugar rush high of this ever-so-sweet title. This slot game features seven reels and a special all-ways payline. To make the deal even sweeter, you might just win the grand prize of 5,000x your wager.


Fat Banker

Join the Fat Banker and spin at an RTP of 96.43% to bring home the gold and live the high life of the 1920s. The theme is amazingly brought to life by the icons like the wild bags, silver safe, and the bullion symbol. Enjoy this larger-than-life slot game with a 6×6 grid and a jackpot of 25,000x your wager.


Wild Bandito

Join the fiesta in this Day of the Dead-inspired slot game in the casino slot Wild Bandito by Pocket Games Soft. This slot game features a 5×4 grid, cascading reels, and over 1,000 paylines.

Get a chance to win a 25,000x grand prize as you spin the reels of this colourful game at an RTP of 96.73%.


Pragmatic Play

Play Now


Play Now

Red Tiger

Play Now


Play Now


Play Now

BC.GAME VIP table games

Table games are a trademark of any online or traditional casino. As such, BC.GAME aims to deliver some of the best VIP table games and give you a world-class betting experience from the comfort of your home. Here are some of our top-notch titles for you:


Dragon Tiger

Play a fast-paced and straightforward game of Dragon Tiger by Evolution Gaming today! This unique spin on the baccarat format ensures you’re always on your toes, as the minimum bets are $1 up to a maximum deposit of $25,000. 

This game features an oriental design to emphasise the atmosphere of the game. Additionally, the graphics are seamless, and you can see all the bets and functionalities without hassle.


Lightning Dice

Spin the dice and hope it’s your lucky day in this electrifying and fun game of Lightning Dice. Hope for Zeus’ favour to grab the grand prize of 1,000x your bet. Feel the power of the entertaining host and seamless gameplay that makes this casino game one you can’t miss.


Instant Roulette

Looking for a classic roulette experience? Look no further because Evolution Gaming has a great Instant Roulette game for you to try. 

37 pockets are available in this roulette game, and players decide on where the ball will land. What makes this title stand out from your usual games is its multi-wheel feature that increases the thrill, especially if you’re a high-roller. Get ready for a grand prize of 25x your bet with this standard, thrilling roulette game.

Rack up big rewards with these VIP perks at BC.GAME 

You don’t need to visit a luxury VIP casino to experience exclusive features and rewards. Here at BC.GAME, all you need to do is sign up and create an account to feel the thrill of being a high-roller. Rake up wins from bonuses and medals as you increase your VIP tier. What are you waiting for? Get your hands on these high-roller perks at BC.GAME!


Players must actively make wagers and participate in various casino activities to earn VIP status in online casino programmes. In addition, being an active member who participates in promotions is an excellent way to join a VIP casino program.
SVIP has some of the best features where you can enjoy exclusive games, invite-only events, and services that befit SVIPs at BC.GAME.
At BC.GAME, the more VIP points you earn, the more benefits you'll get. Earn additional points by placing bets on your preferred casino games or sporting events. You can unlock hidden riches and JB Coins, which you can use on the website if you accomplish specific milestones.
When betting and playing at BC.GAME, a VIP host can assist you to make your gambling experience worry-free. VIP hosts can help you manage your account, answer queries, and give special prize codes to help sweeten your games.
All diamond-tier players (SVIPs) can receive VIP reward codes given by VIP hosts that contain exclusive prizes.
Players can simply check their account and verify if they’re already a BC.GAME VIP. Each player starts at VIP level 1 and can climb the ranks if they keep participating and playing games.
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Sponsorship and Gaming Responsibilities
A multi-award winning crypto casino. With a player-centric approach, BC.GAME is able to satisfy millions of gamblers across the globe. BC.GAME has its priority set on its community, ensuring an everlasting and endlessly entertaining gambling experience.
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